Key Considerations Before Buying a Gaming PC?

Key Considerations Before Buying a Gaming PC?

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Looking to buy a gaming laptop or desktop but don’t know where to start? Not only are there numerous options to choose from, but you also have to decide on the right specs, cooling and ventilation, portability, and battery backup to name a few. It can be quite overwhelming to arrive at the right decision. Read on to learn key factors you should consider to find your perfect gaming device that meets your needs and budget.

Desktop or Laptop?

To choose between a gaming laptop or desktop, consider your gaming needs, budget, and space requirements. A desktop offers better performance and affordability but requires more space and consumes more power. A laptop is more portable and practical for work, allowing you to play while travelling, it requires less space and allows uninterrupted gaming sessions even if you have a power cut. So, choose between the two based on your preferences.


We all know that it’s the specifications that define a gaming PC. Let’s start with the CPU. Gamers need a powerful CPU and in 2023, Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 are the best options for most mainstream gamers. For budget buyers, there are some Ryzen 5 and Intel i5 options to choose from. The one thing to keep in mind is that as a gamer, you should never compromise with older gen processors.

The graphics card comes next, and for gaming, it’s crucial as the CPU if not more. You should opt for a high-end model like Nvidia GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon RX. AMD is better value for money, but Nvidia RTX GPUs feature better performance and compatibility. Try to go with at least 6 GB of VRAM for a seamless experience.

8GB RAM is the minimum for most PCs in 2023, and for gamers, 16GB is ideal. For storage, opt for a Gen 4 M.2 solid-state drive (SSD), due to its super fast loading times.

For desktop users, choosing a compatible motherboard with a gaming-grade shield and features is important. Also, power supply units (PSU) should be up to the mark and can withstand the heat and demanding power requirement of the gaming components.

Gaming Features

Apart from specifications, there are some other features which pack dedicated value for gamers, and must therefore be considered by gamers.

Anti-ghosting is crucial in gaming keyboards, as it ensures accurate key registration during fast-paced gameplay. It allows for multiple actions without lag or missed inputs, providing a competitive edge.

A high-refresh-rate and low response time display is crucial for optimal gaming performance, providing smoother gameplay, faster reaction times, and clearer visuals. They’re a must-have for any serious gamer looking to maximize their gaming experience and reduce motion blur and ghosting issues.

Thermal Management

Adequate cooling is crucial for any gaming PC to prevent overheating, which can cause performance issues, crashes, or hardware damage. A well-designed thermal management system, such as thermal paste cooling, high-performance air cooling, ventilation design, or a combination of all, is necessary to maintain stable and safe operating temperatures for the CPU, GPU, and other components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

HP Omen Gaming laptops feature “Tempest Cooling, a leading solution that keeps the temperature at an optimal 36-degree Celsius for hours, and is known for being one of the most silent gaming laptops (40 dBA). It comes with the latest gen Y-type blade upgrades that provide 24% more blades and 10% more airflow than the previous generation.


When choosing a brand for a gaming laptop or desktop, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, consider the reputation of the brand in the gaming community, as well as the availability of after-sales support and warranty options. Look for brands with a track record of producing high-quality gaming machines, and read reviews from other gamers to gain insights into their experiences.

For example, Check out reviews and reports on the HP Victus and Omen laptops. Victus is an affordable gaming laptop for budget gamers, while Omen offers premium build quality and features. With HP as the manufacturer, you can rely on their service and support, thanks to their large network of service centres in India. HP Omen also has a platform called “Omen Gaming Hub” that enables gamers to optimize performance, personalize accessories, connect with other players, and unlock better ways to play.


Budget is a key factor when considering a gaming laptop or desktop. Determine your needs based on the games you’ll be playing and at what level, and research different models to find the best value for your budget. Building your own desktop can often provide better value for money, but can also lead to overspending on unnecessary features, with the risk of no customer support and recurring spending. Remember, finding the right gaming laptop or desktop doesn’t have to be expensive.

The HP Omen 16-n0079AX, powered by AMD Ryzen 7 6800H and AMD Radeon RX 6650M Graphics (8 GB GDDR6), offer good price-to-performance with DDR5 RAM and RGB Anti-ghosting keyboard on all devices. It has an FHD 144 Hz 16.1-inch, 300 Nits display. For more advanced gamers and streamers, the HP Omen 16-k0370TX is a good option. It offers superior performance with 12th Gen Intel Core i7 12700H CPU and Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 Ti (8 GB GDDR6) GPU, upgradeable DDR5 RAM up to 128 GB, and Gen4 SSD for fast boot speed.

For more info about HP Victus and HP Omen gaming laptops pls check out the HP Online Store.

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