Premium vs Regular Gaming Laptops: What you Should Know

Premium vs Regular Gaming Laptops: What you Should Know

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The market is flooded with numerous gaming laptops, making it difficult to choose the best one. This is because though they may have the best CPU and GPU combos, the gameplay experience you get will vary across devices. You need to look beyond CPU and GPU to get the best gaming performance. Here are a few essential factors to keep in mind that separate regular gaming laptops from premium ones.


An effective thermal solution is even more important than CPU-GPU or other hardware in gaming laptops. A good thermal solution is the main factor that separates premium gaming laptops from regular ones. No matter what configuration you have under the hood, it will work optimally only if the temperature is controlled properly. A laptop that overheats will impact the gaming performance no matter what configuration you have. Moreover, overheating causes irreversible damage to internal components. So look for a laptop with a best-in-class cooling system.

One example here is the Tempest Cooling System in Omen gaming laptops by HP. They use Shin-Etsu 8149 Liquid Metal Thermal Compound in their system (CPU & GPU) which is the best in class. Plus, it has 2x 30mm Fans, 5x Copper-made Heat pipes, and 4x Ventilation outlets, enabling it to dissipate heat like no other. It results in a 36.1°C optimal temperature which is lesser than many other gaming laptops. Also with the help of the Omen Gaming Hub application (explained later), the speed of the fans can be custom controlled by users. The cooling system ensures that the laptop remains cool even when you’re planning the most intensive games.

Noise Free Cooling

Gaming requires concentration, so any unwanted background noise can become a hindrance. One source of noise can be the laptop’s fans. While having fans under the hood is necessary for proper cooling, another crucial need is they work silently. This is why premium gaming laptops must have noise-free fans and improved airflow. Here again, Omen Tempest cooling is a lifesaver as it features as low as 40 dBA (quiet library sounds) noise, which is almost negligible even when running at full speed. If a gaming laptop has fans that make a lot of noise, then it can’t be classified as a premium one.

Long Battery Backup

We all know GPUs and even the ventilation system are power hogs. Due to this, most gaming laptops have poor battery backup compared to professional laptops. A premium gaming laptop overcomes this limitation allowing gamers to enjoy long gaming hours even on the go or during power cuts. For that, having an 80Wh battery capacity is recommended, which can provide 8+ hours of backup. Only premium gaming laptops feature such batteries as they are costly and require fast charging technology.

High Refresh Rate

To ensure superior performance in FPS games, having a higher refresh rate helps. 144 Hz is the norm for gaming devices in 2022, but premium devices might feature even better. Some premium gaming laptops feature a 165 Hz refresh rate with <3ms response time to ensure the smoothest gameplay experience. Most players play games like Counter-Strike & Valorant on 144 FPS display so having a 165 Hz display on your side grants a distinctive advantage over others. OMEN Gaming Laptop 17 is one of the rare laptops that comes with this feature.

Display Brightness

In gaming, displays play a crucial role for obvious reasons. The point of a gaming laptop is to have the capability to do gaming outdoors on the go. For that, ensuring optimum brightness is as crucial as the GPU itself. While regular gaming laptops feature 250 Nits brightness, premium laptops feature up to 400 Nits.

Size & Resolution

Day by day, professional laptops are becoming smaller due to better portability and form factor. Gaming laptops however still require bigger displays for the best experience. Most regular gaming laptops feature a 15.6-inch standard-sized 1080P FHD display, but a premium gaming laptop comes with 16.1-inch or 17.3-inch displays with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution.

Anti-Ghosting Keyboard

The ghosting issue of the keyboard can make the gamer lose a game. So, if a premium gaming experience is required, ensuring a full anti-ghosting keyboard with tactile feedback is a must. RGB or backlit lighting will lighten up the keyboard even in the dark.

Robust Aluminum Build

Gaming laptops typically feature a loud aesthetic, RGB, and a funky look. Due to that, ABS Plastic is mostly used. High-grade ABS plastic is durable, but a premium device calls for premium measures. So, a full-body, all-Aluminium build is the best choice, making the laptop robust and scratch-proof.

Lightweight & Portable

Any premium device has the requirement of being lightweight and portable. Due to the GPU and heavy cooling system, gaming laptops are usually bulky and chunky looking. But there are premium laptops that feature Aluminium bodies to reduce weight and increase robustness at the same time. Designed aesthetically and featuring soothing RGB while being portable and rigid at the same time is how a premium gaming laptop should be.

High-Speed Connectivity

At the time of gaming, input lag can cause enough hindrance to make you lose a win-win match and disrupt your gaming experience beyond measure. As most games these days are multiplayer, which requires a stable internet connection, your device requires the best-in-class networking capability to ensure the internet is stable. So, the best gaming laptops need Wi-Fi 6E (2×2) connectivity, unlike regular gaming laptops.

Also, laptop users typically opt for wireless mice and headphones as those go better with the aesthetics. So, the latest Bluetooth 5.2 is the best choice for that. It will ensure no output lag on the headphone side and no input lag on the mouse side.

A Gaming Ecosystem

Gamers always look for an ecosystem to settle in. But most OEMs don’t feature such an ecosystem for their user community, unlike Mac. Omen is one of its kind which features an ecosystem enriched with software applications like Omen Gaming Hub. It’s a tailor-made application for gamers that lets them optimize all the control settings and stay connected with other users in the community. On the other hand, HyperX hardware peripherals complete the circle by featuring a lot of quality gaming accessories. For instance, there are HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones, which are very popular among gamers worldwide. Such an ecosystem curates a seamless experience by providing better control over the device and powering gamers with world-class accessories.

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