What to Expect from a Gaming Laptop Under 1 Lakh?

What to Expect from a Gaming Laptop Under 1 Lakh?

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When investing in a high-end gaming laptop, you will obviously expect smooth gameplay and lag-free performance. 1 lakh is a decent budget for a gaming laptop. The question you might have is how much investment can ensure more value to gamers. The point to note is that the actual CPU and GPU models vary according to budget and brand as does the RAM. For instance, entry-level gaming laptops will have 8 GB RAM, whereas, for a 1L INR budget, you will get 16 GB or DDR5 RAM. Higher specs mean better & smoother gaming performance, and with a 1L budget, you can achieve that. But there are other features & attributes you will require to stay on top of your enemies all the time, and this is where high-budget gaming laptops add the extra value. To understand these differentiating factors, let’s dig deeper.

Smooth Performance on Intensive Visuals

An entry-level gaming laptop might struggle to give you gameplay at 60+ FPS at max settings on the latest AAA games. The 80K-1L INR gaming laptop won’t give you the slightest issue and will ensure great performance and visuals in most games in the market. So whether you are a fan of Battle Royale or the latest AAA RPG games, you are good to go for this budget. Apart from gaming, a gaming laptop will also enable you to play 4K & 8K videos and run resource-intensive graphics models smoothly as compared to regular/business laptops.

Features to Expect

Gaming laptops come with various gaming-grade features, which you won’t find in any other laptop. Here are the key ones:

Smoother Display: Good gaming laptops feature 144 Hz or higher refresh rates. Apart from gaming, if you are using any other application that produces an output of 60+ Hz, then such a display is helpful for you. Gaming displays also feature lower response time than typical. Under this budget, you can expect either a 9 ms or 7 ms response time. Also, 1080P FHD displays are a must-have in this segment.

Anti-Ghosting: Only gaming laptops feature this awesome trait to date. Anti-ghosting keyboards are helpful for gaming, but with tactile feedback, such keyboards make typing more comfortable and interactive.

Superior Thermals: Each brand ensures to arm their high-end gaming laptop models with the best thermal tech in their arsenal. Gaming exerts a lot of heat and the GPU itself tends to overheat when used, which calls for a superior cooling solution. So, when you’re gaming with high settings, you will not experience overheating issues even after hours of use in the summertime. HP’s “Tempest Cooling System” in its Omen series is a good example here. It’s one of the best gaming-grade cooling systems in gaming laptops.

Noisy Ventilation: Due to the requirement of a superior thermal solution, gaming laptops feature various unorthodox styles of chassis design and vents. They also contain 1 or more fans for proper air circulation. But this is why most entry-level gaming laptops end up being noisy while gaming. Only a few brands manage to overcome this problem with an effective but silent cooling system, so choose wisely.

Latest Networking & Connectivity Features: Online gaming requires a flawless & stable connection all the time to ensure the lowest possible ping. For that WiFi 6 (2×2) is the best option, and you can expect this feature to be on a gaming laptop on a 1L INR budget. Type-C connectivity and Bluetooth 5.2 are expected in the latest gaming laptops in this segment.

Decent Battery Backup: While many gaming laptops suffer from bad battery backup issues, with a decent budget you can expect better value. Most entry-level gaming laptops will feature inferior battery backup which is 3 hours at max while gaming. But if you opt for a premium gaming laptop with a 1L INR budget you might find better performance. Premium gaming laptops will feature a 4-cell battery, 60Wh+ capacity, and 100W+ charger at least for superior battery performance even while gaming. HP Omen Gaming Laptops typically feature 8+ hours of battery backup even under this budget.

RGB Aesthetics: Gamers love RGB styling, and for that most gaming laptops do come with such features. Under this budget, you can surely get a fully RGB Keyboard on most devices. Some of them will also feature the RGB logo and RGB edges in the chassis.

Robust Build: With a decent price comes a decent build. So, no matter if you are going with an Aluminum chassis or ABS Plastic build, you will get a robust & sturdy device. HP Victus Gaming laptops for instance feature a superior ABS plastic build which is sturdy & long-lasting. Some premium gaming laptops under this budget feature an Aluminum chassis to make to them lighter on weight.

Some Good Gaming Laptops Under 1L INR

For the best possible configuration under this budget with a robust build and superior cooling check, out the HP Victus 15 fa0353TX. It features a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU and RTX 3050 GPU with 16 GB 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM, which is the best config under this segment. This device comes with a price tag of 97K INR, but Victus Gaming 15 Laptops typically start from 63K, which is good for entry-level buyers.

For a premium gaming laptop, with the best cooling system possible, anti-ghosting keyboard, RGB, and Aluminum chassis, choose the HP OMEN 16 c0136AX. The Ryzen 5 5660H and GTX 1650 ensure great gaming performance and the 8 GB 3200 MHz RAM can be upgraded up to 32 GB.

Check out the HP online Store to browse many other premium and latest gaming laptops. Click here to know about the HP Victus and HP Omen series of Gaming Laptops.

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