What to Expect from a Top-of-the-Line Gaming Laptop

What to Expect from a Top-of-the-Line Gaming Laptop

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Your perfect gaming device must be your true companion. Not everyone’s lifestyle suits desktop usage, so if you are a frequent traveler, student, or simply do not have enough space to set up a desktop, a laptop is a better option for you. Most esports enthusiasts and gamers are very young, probably high-school or grad students, and a gaming laptop will better suit their lifestyle. So, the question is how do gaming laptops are different from a typical laptop, and what to expect from the best one? Here’s what to look for in a top-of-the-line gaming laptop.

Processor & Graphics Card Combination

Whenever we talk about a gaming laptop or desktop, the first question that arises is the configuration. We all know gaming requires a powerful CPU, and the visual output is majorly GPU intensive. So, the need for a powerful CPU & GPU combo is proven and very well known for gaming. But can any GPU work with its maximum potential if combined with any CPU? The answer is no. A superior GPU might bottleneck if it is combined with an inferior CPU and vice versa.

High-end gaming laptops in 2022 will be featuring GPUs like Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti or Radeon RX 6600M. These graphics cards comply with present-day gaming requirements to ensure high FPS and smoothest gameplay. With such a GPU, you can expect a 12th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU or 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 9 CPU for the best gaming experience. So from a top-of-line gaming laptop by a reliable manufacturer, you can expect a superior combination of CPU and GPU where both components complement each other.

For gamers on a tight budget, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 with AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i5 might be a good option. Check out the OMEN by HP Laptop 16-b1371TX, which features Intel Core i7 12th-gen CPU and is powered by GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (8 GB GDDR6), and 16 GB DDR5 (4800 MHz) RAM. Both CPU and GPU are tested and proven together for compatibility.

Ventilation & Thermal Solution

This is probably a gaming laptop’s most important yet most overlooked aspect. Any computer or laptop generates a lot of heat, but gaming devices are heat-generating powerhouses. Heat is never suitable for semiconductors and electronic equipment, so the operational frequency fluctuates with increasing heat. In simple words, the relation between the increase in heat within the system is inversely proportional to the performance of components. If any laptops keep overheating regularly, then it can cause irreversible damage to the components.

No matter how robust your CPU or GPU, if their temperature is not maintained optimally, they will underperform and start bottlenecking. As a result, you will encounter FPS drops, performance lags, and in-game stutters. To encounter this overheating problem of gaming laptops, opting for a brand that uses proven and leading thermal solutions is always recommended.

What can you expect from a leading gaming laptop cooling system? You can expect an excellent ventilation design with multiple high-speed fans, a pre-applied liquid-metal thermal compound, a thermal sensor to detect the temperature, and a practical software application that will react based on temperature and stress. For this purpose, most experts and pro laptop gamers recommend opting for the leading Omen Tempest Cooling.

You can check out the OMEN by HP Laptop 16-c0141AX, which comes with a Tempest cooling system out of the box. It comes with Ryzen 9 5900HX, which is a top-end Ryzen CPU for a laptop, and like any other top-end CPU, it generates a lot of heat. Accompanied by the Radeon RX 6600M, it is one of the most powerful and chill laptops. The price tag is Rs. 135,000, but if you buy it from HP Online store using an American Express card, you can get 10% instant cashback. You can also opt for 12/0 NC EMI using any SBI, ICICI card, or Pine Labs.

Big On Memory

RAM compliments the CPU while working by storing data on high-speed memory modules and making it available for processing on call. Typically, 12th-gen Intel and 5th-gen Ryzen CPUs work at more than 4.0 GHz clock speed, so the RAM also needs to cope with speed. If you are using a CPU at 4.0 GHz and your RAM clock speed is 2400 MHz, then almost half your CPU capacity is not being used, as the CPU must wait for the RAM to deliver data. So, opting for high-speed DDR5 RAM modules is compulsory for a gamer in 2022. Regarding RAM size, go for at least 16 GB for gaming, even if you are not an enthusiast.

Gaming Aesthetics

Most gaming laptop brands try to cover up the needs of aesthetics with some loud design and RGB lights, while very few brands do really address those fundamental needs. RGB, diamond-cut designs, aggressive looks, etc., can surely make your device attractive and give you the feel of a gamer. But, if the laptop comes with a noisy fan or a legacy keyboard with input lag, it cannot be considered a top-of-the-line gaming device.

As a gamer, concentration is crucial, so you should opt for a laptop with a robust thermal system but noise-free fans. A premium laptop might look heavy but not feel like one while on the shoulder; so being lightweight is another aesthetic need. Having anti-ghosting keyboards is a standard need for most competitive games and esports, so always opt for a laptop that comes with a per-key sRGB 104-key anti-ghosting keyboard.

Premium Display Features

Gaming is, in the end, mostly an audio-visual experience. A great headphone might ensure your best audio quality as an external third-party device. But for the visual experience, you are dependent on the screen. A bigger display is always beneficial for gaming, so you can expect a 16.1″ display from a premium gaming laptop. Having more pixels on the screen will grant you a better graphical portrayal and a wider display area in the game. 1080p is the least but having a 2K or 4K monitor is always beneficial, especially for AAA game experience.

For multiplayer FPS gamers and Battle Royal players, 1080P might be a better choice for increased FPS. To ensure the same amount of frames on output, premium gaming laptops come with 144 Hz, 165 Hz, or even 240 Hz display frequencies. Having a 3ms or lower response time is another feature that can only be seen in premium devices. High brightness of 300 nits or more and an anti-glare display panel are some other top-end features of a gaming laptop.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still opt for a 16.1″ 144 Hz display if you go for the Victus by HP Laptop 16-e0097nr. You get a 16.1″ FHD (1920 x 1080), 144 Hz, IPS display, and 10+ hours of standby battery backup with a price tag of INR 72,000 ($950). Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti (4 GB GDDR6) with 16 GB RAM, it is already a bang for the buck and perfect for competitive gaming.

Long Battery Backup

Gaming laptops consume way more power than typical laptops due to their powerful GPU, more prominent display, RGB lights, etc. Almost any entry-level gaming laptop lacks in battery power and fast charging support, which stops users from gaming on the go. So, a bigger and better battery is essential but often overlooked in many gaming laptops.

Only some of the premium gaming laptops from brands like Omen by HP or Victus come with fast charging support and a long battery backup. If you opt for a top-of-the-line Omen Gaming laptop, you can expect 10+ video playback hours on battery. Also, Omen and Victus feature batteries with 1000+ life cycles and offer 3-years of warranty on their batteries.

In Conclusion

A gaming laptop is not just a marketing term as many think of it. A gaming laptop is an entire segment of laptops packed with multiple features, keeping the gamers’ requirements in mind. They are more performance-oriented, rigid, and highly optimized. So, when buying a gaming laptop, even on a tight budget, make sure to opt for a superior cooling system like Omen Tempest Cooling. The cooling system ensures that your beloved CPU+GPU combo works at its peak capability for long hours.

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